Flour Brewer BAKER H


The brewer is a device for heating up a mixture of flour and water to the gelatinisation temperature of starch. After cooling, the resulting mixture can be added to the dough or used for liquid sourdough. With this technology there is no need for water-binding additives, since it directly enhances the quality of bread.

The use of brewed flour in a formula ensures:zaparzacz.png

  • larger bread volume
  • better taste
  • better porosity and a moister dough resulting in longer-lasting freshness
  • better crumb structure for easier slicing

BAKER H, like all our equipment, is made of ASI 304 stainless steel. The stirrer driven by a high-quality transmission gear is a very significant element. The shape of the stirrer and the setting of the speed and mixing time ensure perfect mixing of the flour and water.
The BakerLink devices are easy to operate and user-friendly. The brewer is equipped with a control panel installed in the outer casing. This enables all data to be entered and control of the process.

As proof of the quality of our equipment and services, we would like to present an interview with Mr Paweł Szymański, who added the BAKER H flour brewer to his stock of equipment.

BakerLink – young company, interesting solutions.
An interview with Paweł Szymański, a baker from Tomaszów Mazowiecki

You must be really experienced in the baking industry, owing to the fact that you have run a bakery for more than 20 years. What is your opinion on the modernisation of bakery technology?
The industry has changed considerably over this period. Back then, we had more time and the competition was not so fierce. Currently, we are permanently short of time, and we need constant modernisation of our production lines. Any device that can improve production is an extremely valuable asset. If it enhances the quality of the bread at the same time, we have an extra bonus.

Recently, you have acquired a new machine – the BAKER H flour brewer made by BakerLink. Could you tell us something more about this device?
A mixture of flour and water is heated up to the gelatinisation temperature of starch. After cooling, it can be added to the dough or used for liquid sourdough. This technology brings about better effects than water-binding additives; the bread volume is larger, the freshness is prolonged, and the taste is much better. All in all, it has a substantial impact on the quality of our bakery products.

Why did you choose BakerLink?
It is a young company led by true experts in bakery technology and automation. Nowadays, such a combination of a technologist and an automation specialist provides a solid base to build reliable devices. The BakerLink employees continually broaden their skills and look for new solutions to help bakeries. It is really amazing when someone puts their heart and soul into their job.
Going back to the device itself: it is really easy to handle and well-constructed. It has a modern look and some very convenient and useful features. I mean especially the control, cleaning, and achieving the finished product, process control, and so on. Along with the machine, a technologist came to our bakery. He started up the machine for the first time, trained the staff and was present during the first baking with the use of brewed flour. He gave us comprehensive instructions and answered all our questions.

And what about the service? Failures and faults occur, after all
I’m not worried about that, although I bought the device not so long ago. The contract ensures warranty and service available 24 hours a day. It certainly gives you a sense of security. I know the owners of BakerLink very well and I know that they are reliable and always fulfil their responsibilities. The device has worked flawlessly so far.

What kind of benefits does this device offer a bakery?
BAKER H is a device that really accelerate the production process. The automatic control minimises the need for human assistance. My employees keep asking why I didn’t buy one earlier. What is more, the quality of our products has improved: the crumb has a better structure, and bakery products taste better. Our customers say that the bread stays fresher longer, and it’s easier to slice.