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breadImpress your clients with the distinctive and unique flavour of your own bakery products. One can set aside all kinds of artificial raising agents and additives when we enjoy the sheer pleasure of baking the best bread. The original and rich taste of the bread will set you apart from the competition and from the mass produced goods from other bakeries, in particular. Only properly fermented flour added to the dough in the form of leaven ensures full flavour. After many years of experience, we can make the promise: Your customers will love your products. You will delight your customers.


 Whether it is a small or large bakery, BAKER fermenters fit everywhere.

 Our technologists are always willing to help and advise you with regard to baking. In addition to the comprehensive technical instructions and guidelines, we offer a wide range of the latest formulas. We guarantee sourdoughs of the highest quality.


  • The BAKER fermenter is a perfect idea which allows you to cherish a traditional craft and make bread with a unique taste in just a few steps.
  • For many large and small bakeries, the incorrect fermentation of flour results in a considerable amount of extra work.
  • BAKER fermenters offer an effective solution to this problem, thanks to which the production of bread sourdoughs becomes extremely simple.
  • In just a few steps, by filling the fermenter with water and flour and setting the fermentation time, you get your own top-quality sourdough.
  • The entire fermentation process is electronically controlled. As a result, you always have perfectly fermented and fully bioactive sourdough available.